Arasta Bazaar Beyazit Istanbul 40 shops

Historic Arasta Bazaar Sultanahmet Beyazit Istanbul .The Arasta Bazaar complex was built all at once as being the Blue Mosque and functioned to be a market area,the rents which went towards mosque's upkeep. It comprises two shop lined squares behind the Blue Mosque and also a row of stable like shops stretching the size of the mosque's precinct.The Arasta Bazaar, also called Sipahi Carsisi in Turkish, is situated behind the Blue Mosque from the old city center, just near the entrance in the Mosaics Museum. Rapidly Grand Bazaar, Arasta Bazaar can be a small, and simple traditional market in Istanbul. Roughly 40 shops lined on both sides of the street, selling traditional items. Originally this place was in-built the 17th century and had been stables through the Ottoman period. It suffered damage from many fires and left in ruins for a long time. In the eighties it turned out changed into stores, permitting big money from rents to use inside the restoration works from the Blue Mosque.The Arasta Bazaar is open daily.

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