Suleymaniye Mosque 1550-1557 Istanbul

Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent commissioned the Suleymaniye Mosque, that was produced by Architect Sinan and built relating to the dates 1550-1557. This mosque may be the central bit of a kulliya, which crowns the seven hills of Istanbul. This complex of buildings comprises a madrasa, a medical madrasa and hospital, a dining hall, a caravanserai, a shower, hospices and shops. It may be the largest mosque in Istanbul.

Istanbul Historic Peninsula, Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapi Palace, Underground Cistern, the Suleymaniye Mosque should be seen. The mosque is 59 meters long and 58 meters wide. The main dome is 53 meters high and contains a diameter of 27.25 meters.

In addition to the main mosque when using the prayer hall and courtyard , the mosque complex includes a caravanserai or seraglio , a public kitchen which served food to your poor, a hospital, a Qur'an school including a bath-house "hamam".

In a garden behind the key mosque there are 2 mausoleums like the tombs of sultan Suleiman I, his wife Roxelana , his daughter Mihrimah, his mother Dila ub Saliha with his fantastic sister Asiye. Suleiman's tomb contains a system of layered domes copied by way of Dome of your Rock in Jerusalem.

The sultans Suleiman II, Ahmed II and Safiye, the daughter of Mustafa II, are buried here. Just beyond your mosque walls into the north would be the humble tomb of Sinan, created by the occupant himself.

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