Sultanahmet (Blue) Camii Old Sundial

Sultanahmet Camii (Blue Mosque) Old sundial
Istanbul is surely a wonderful destination for a check out. It can be so abundant in record,and culture. Not known to most persons certainly are a series of historical sundials for the remarkable buildings on the Roman Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. They are triangular shaped sundials engraved inside the south west wall structure of the important Mosques. The simplest just show Moslem prayer occasions. One of the most complex are multiple dials along with several time techniques: Moslem, Western, Italian and Babylonian. All these sundials show the progress is science, maths astronomy and timekeeping from Roman times towards the peak in the ottoman empire.

Sultanahmet Mosque is undoubtedly the fantastic example of Byzantine structure. There’s an easy sundial about the the west walls across the foot washing area. This triangular shaped sundial shows your Moslem mid-afternoon prayer time, Asr, start and also end. Hour traces with twenty moment intervals show a serious amounts of prayer time. The line is bounded via the vertical meridian, and declination lines for your solstices and equinox. The line can be rough but fairly accurate in accordance with overlays of contemporary computer designs.

Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet) Tourist Camera

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